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Wishing Machine

Material Wunschmaschine Players: 3-6 / Age: 8+ / Time: 20 Min. / Price: 11,90 € / Rules (PDF)

One player has the role of the wishing machine, and as such selects one out of nine wishes. All others play the agents and try to find out what that secret wish is. If the agents are ready, the wishing machine will spit out 4 wishing cards and state if they show the preferred item, or not. Another set of 4 wishing cards and another statement follows. Who will be the first agent to guess the secret wish of the machine?

With each row of cards, you are gaining new information about the secret wish. Sooner or later it will become clear what the wishing machine really wants. Haste and pressure from your opponents ensure that mistakes will happen – much to the other players' delight as they profit from your mishaps.