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Wishing Machine 2.0

Material Wunschmaschine A logic game for clever agents. With new game mechanics!
Players: 3-7 / Age: 7+ / Time: 20 Min. / Price: 7,90 €

Download Rules (PDF)

Heavily revised new edition: It is the aim of the game to find out the secret wishes a game master has chosen. In the example photo, the game master has chosen the heart and the crown. He puts the chosen cards in the box gap, secretly for the eyes of the other players. With three cards each, the game master puts a series - and reveals with wodden discs how often his wishes are to be found in it. Further card series each with a hint do follow. Which agent solves the riddle first?

Hendrik J. Ehlert, Fairplay, Issue No. 129:
"The wishing machine has been improved by the few but decisive changes.
She deserves a second edition in any case!"